Trail cooking recipes for breakfast – make at home granolas, easy cook hot cereals, tortilla wraps and much more. Get fueled, and get on the trail.

Breakfast Pistachio Rice Pudding
Breakfast Taters
Brown Sugar & Cinnamon Quinoa
Brown Sugar & Sunflower Oats
Carrot Cake In A Bowl
Cheesy Bacon Grits
Cherry and Hemp Breakfast Rice
Cran-Orange Cereal
CyndiH’s Super Oatmeal
Dried Fruit Couscous
Eggs & Taters
Fruit Compote
Fruity Breakfast Bulgur
Fruity Breakfast Rice
Fruity Couscous
Instant Oatmeal Packets
Oatmeal With A Little Extra
PB Wraps
Peachy Quick Oats
Raisin Nut Bulgur
Sunrise Mashers
Super Charged Oatmeal
Tropical Breakfast Rice Pudding
Turbo Charged Oatmeal