Peachy Quick Oats

Peachy Quick Oats

Pack in a sandwich bag or quart freezer bag, depending on method:


Mark bag with permanent marker “Add 2 cups water”.

FBC Method:

Place the freezer bag in a cozy, add near boiling water, stir and seal tightly. Let sit for 5 minutes, stir and serve. (See notes for another option)

Insulated Mug Method:

Add the dry ingredients to a large insulated mug, add boiling water and stir well. Cover and let sit for 5 minutes, stir and serve. (See notes for another option)

One Pot Method:

Add water and bag contents to a 1 Liter or bigger pot, bring to boil. Lower flame and cook for a minute, stirring the whole time.

Serves 2.


Creamed coconut comes in bars, found in natural food stores. It is solid below say 70º. I grate the entire bar using the fine side of a box grater and store it in a Mason jar. In the past I often used coconut cream powder in recipes, but finding it without casein, lactose or other animal ingredients has proven to be fruitless. Creamed coconut is delicious and finely grated, it melts into your recipes. Even if carrying dry meals in warmer temps it will be OK for short term, it will soften and ‘melt’ into the oats.

At home we prefer rolled oats which take 5 minutes cooking time. 1 minute “Quick Oats” are simply fine chopped rolled oats, they take less time to cook. If you want, you can also use plain unsweetened instant oats, which are just even finer cut oats. You can also do it home with your quick or rolled oats – break them up a bit in a mini food chopper! The rule to me though is…the bigger the oat piece, the better the taste. Mostly because instant oats seem to get more glue-like to me due to being fine. If you use instant oats with FBC or a mug, you can eat them as soon as they are cool enough to handle.

Recipe can halved for solo trips.