Pesto Tomato Pasta

This recipe is carb-licious and vegan friendly.

Pesto Tomato Pasta



Bag the pasta in a snack size zip top bag. Add the tomatoes and onions in a second snack size zip top bag. Put the pesto mix in a small craft zip top bag. Tuck in the oil.

To Prepare:

Add about 6 cups water to a 2 Liter size pot (if using a smaller pot, cut back the water as needed, so you don’t boil over). As the water comes to a simmer, add in the dried vegetables.

Once boiling, add in pasta, cook as directed on package. Lowering the flame and stirring often, to avoid boiling over.

Reserve about 2 tbsp cooking water, drain off rest. Stir in the oil and pesto mix, till combined.

Serves 1.


Be wary when shopping for instant pesto sauce mix. Not all are equal. Our favorite brand is Simply Organic, which has a simple list of ingredients.