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Food Review: Kween Granola Butter

I am a sucker for Facebook and Instagram ads, and the pandemic only made it I suddenly saw so many products I could buy direct (yes, even tortillas.....and so much more. I have kept UPS busy.). But the one ad that really caught my eye was for Kween Granola Butter. was Top 14… Continue reading Food Review: Kween Granola Butter

Local Adventures

Standing In The Wind

The other evening I felt the need to be outside, in the wind. To stare across the Salish Sea and ponder of the dreams I have - and wether or not any of them will happen this year. It's bittersweet to look across at the Olympic Mountains, and know the National park is closed for… Continue reading Standing In The Wind

Food Finds · Trail Cooking

The Hippy Hut: Trail Meal Reviews

The two meals reviewed here might not be for everyone. But let me spin a little yarn....what they reminded me of was the the co-op back when I was in college. The deli was "interesting". It was run by old hippies who had managed to never sell out to The Man. When eating a certain… Continue reading The Hippy Hut: Trail Meal Reviews

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Local Adventures: South Whidbey State Park Ridge & Fern Gully Loop

To celebrate Washington State Parks opening back up on Tuesday, the boys and I went on a dayhike to South Whidbey State Park to do the Ridge Loop trail, which ended up including the Fern Gully Trail into the loop. The Ridge Loop Trail starts a few feet up from the start of the Wilbert… Continue reading Local Adventures: South Whidbey State Park Ridge & Fern Gully Loop


From Our Farm

Sharing a link to our farm's website on a sale we are hosting. We are facing a spring dilemma of wether or not we will have a farmers market to go to this season - and if it happens we will only be allowed to sell plants and produce. If you are looking for naturally… Continue reading From Our Farm