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Revisiting Cheesy Rice

When our oldest son was young, his favorite trail recipe was Cheesy Rice. Kid wanted that every dinner, no matter the trip. The benefit was I never had to argue or beg him to eat. I figured as long as he was eating, that was all that mattered. I could usually talk him into adding… Continue reading Revisiting Cheesy Rice

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Revisiting the Edamame Noodle Bowl

A few years back I created a noodle bowl, the Edamame Noodle Bowl. I updated the recipe today, to reflect some products I enjoy using. New products have come out since this recipe was created, and the choices for ingredients for backpacking meals have never been this large, or so easily attainable! The story of… Continue reading Revisiting the Edamame Noodle Bowl

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Meal Review: Tuscan Beef Stew with Italian Polenta

PackitGourmet has long been a favorite go to for us, when we want an easy to make meal for hiking & backpacking. Their Tuscan Beef Stew with Italian Polenta is a definite winner. As with most of PackitGourmet's meals, it tastes like "real" food, not what one expects from commercial outdoor meals. You get a… Continue reading Meal Review: Tuscan Beef Stew with Italian Polenta

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Foraging For Nettles

As Spring returns to the Pacific Northwest, one of the first signs is Stinging Nettles (Urtica dioica) coming up in damp areas. On our land, we see them first in the draw that goes into our well head. We get some amazing nettles there. These grow low to the ground and are typically lush and… Continue reading Foraging For Nettles

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Welcome To The New TrailCooking

Over the years there have been a few versions of TrailCooking. Our last version I was hoping would be the last to build, but we were hit by a hacker that did a number last year. It wasn't the first time - it's a lot more common than most people talk about. We repaired the… Continue reading Welcome To The New TrailCooking