Local Adventures: Dave Mackie Park

With a 2 foot plus minus tide on Monday morning, we changed plans. Originally we were going to take a ferry ride, but with two cancellations with the low tides, we sought out beaches to explore. Dave Mackie park sits on Maxwelton Road, in the south end of Whidbey Island. At 5 acres, it is… Continue reading Local Adventures: Dave Mackie Park


Local Adventures: Ebey’s Prairie Ridge Trail

For Father's Day we headed out on a short hike at Ebey's Landing outside of Coupeville, on Whidbey Island. Ebey’s Prairie Ridge Trail is the connector trail from the Prairie Overlook/Cemetery to the bluff high above Ebey's Landing. It is a great kickoff to longer hikes (including the loop on the bluff around Perego's Lagoon… Continue reading Local Adventures: Ebey’s Prairie Ridge Trail

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80 Days Of Summer

If you have children, pull up your calendar and count how many days summer break is. The vastness seems it will last forever, but then you blink and nights are shorter, and suddenly the school bus is there waiting as the leaves start turning red. When school lets out this coming week, the clock is… Continue reading 80 Days Of Summer


Local Adventures: Camp Casey

Last week, the first graders for a field trip to Camp Casey, which is run by Seattle Pacific University. It sits next to Fort Casey, which is a Washington State Park. The two sections blend rather seamless, and one might find it hard at times to know which they are in. The Camp has the… Continue reading Local Adventures: Camp Casey


Local Adventures: Chetzemoka Park

Port Townsend, on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State, is a highly walkable Victorian town. There are many places to visit that have history entwined in them, and many are kid friendly. I find walking lets you see the lay of the land better in urban adventures and you see so much more. We often… Continue reading Local Adventures: Chetzemoka Park