Trail Cooking

Instant Meals: Pulled Pork

It's hard to say no to pineapple & pork. Eat it as is, or serve on a bakery bun you pack in first day out, or have it on flour tortillas a couple days in (when you pack flour tortillas a tip is to put a quarter sheet of paper towel between each tortilla. It… Continue reading Instant Meals: Pulled Pork

Trail Cooking

Instant Meals: Bolognese Pasta

You can have a rich pasta dish with minimal effort by using couscous, which is a precooked pasta. If you don't like sausage, use freeze-dried hamburger instead. If you need gluten-free, use instant rice couscous (it's very easy to make it at home, from instant rice). I don't call for salt in the recipe as… Continue reading Instant Meals: Bolognese Pasta

Hiking · Local Adventures

Local Adventures: Happy Valley Park

I had a short amount of time while waiting in the Happy Valley neighborhood in Bellingham, Washington. As often I do, I popped open Google Maps to see what was green on it. I noted there was the Happy Valley Park, a creek and a trail through it, so I took off on a stroll.… Continue reading Local Adventures: Happy Valley Park


Going To Antarctica: Neko Harbor

Neko Harbor. A quiet place, with wind, clouds and the sun trying to burn it off. The snow and ice here was amazing. We watched so many penguins swimming along here. They are 2 to 3 of them, and they arch out of the water, pop up, and zip back down into the water. It's… Continue reading Going To Antarctica: Neko Harbor


Going To Antarctica: Port Charcot and Booth Island

Port Charcort on Booth Island, Antarctica. We visited it on a rather desolate day, with monochrome skies. The location is the overwintering site of the French Antarctic Expedition, which happened in 1903-1905 onboard the Français under the command of Jean-Baptiste Charcot. Remains from the expedition are still visible in the form of a cairn with… Continue reading Going To Antarctica: Port Charcot and Booth Island