Freezer Bag Cooking: Adventure Ready Recipes

The second in the FBC series, Freezer Bag Cooking: Adventure Ready Recipes has 225+ recipes to get you in the outdoors.

Find inside:
•Cooking Methods
•Gear & Tools
•Animal Safety
225+ Recipes:
•Salads & Vegetables
•Burritos & wraps
•Dehydrator Specials
•Trail Desserts
•Mixes & Seasonings

While the focus of the cookbook is FBC method cooking, the book includes One Pot method directions, and many include the Insulated Mug method.

May your trails be smooth & you have no dirty dishes!

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Freezer Bag Cooking: Adventure Ready Recipes

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Freezer Bag Cooking: Adventure Ready Recipes

What is in the book?

Cooking Methods
Gear & Tools
Animal Safety

Maple Pecan Bacon Grits
Cranberry Sunshine Grits
Maple Currant Grits
Tropical Oatmeal
Blueberry & Hazelnut Oatmeal:
Sunny Mornings Oatmeal
Apple Breakfast Rice
Hearty Breakfast Burritos
PB & Honey Granola Wraps

Spreads, Dips, Lunch Wraps, Lunches & Nibbelages
Homemade Granola Wraps
DIY Hummus (Basic hummus)
Sunny Couscous Stuffed Pitas
Black Olive Sesame Hummus
Curried Fruit Hummus
Cannelli Bruschetta
Tuna Bruschetta
Split Pea Hummus
Sun-dried Tomato and Bean Spread
Salsa Black Bean Spread
Mushroom Bruschetta
Black Bean Hummus
Black Eye Pea Salsa Spread

Rice Recipes

Smaller Meals
Easy Cheesy Herby Rice
Spiced Lentils & Rice
Beef Alfredo Rice
Chicken Veggie Rice
Turkey Rice Casserole
Veggie Beef Rice Casserole
White Bean & Tomato Casserole
Northern Bean Pilaf
Lemon Tuna Pilaf
Spinach Chicken Pilaf

Main Meals
Thai Mango Chicken and Rice
Chicken Broccoli Alfredo Rice
Meaty Marinara Pilaf
Cheddar & Green Bean Beef Casserole
Salsa Beef Casserole
Italian Northern Bean Pilaf
Pineapple Sesame Chicken Rice
Curried Veggies And Split Peas
Creamy Chicken Rice
Salsa Hummus Rice
Mediterranean Split Peas
Mixed Rice & Veggie Casserole
Sweet and Sour Chicken Rice
Lentil & Carrot Sauce Over Rice
Chicken & Rice Spinach Casserole
Taco Red Beans & Rice
Chick Peas & Veggie Pilaf
Spicy Black Beans and Brown Rice
Indian Inspired Lentils & Rice
Chili Beef & Bean Casserole
Lentils & Spinach with Rice
Jasmine Chicken Curry Rice
Cheddary Beef & Tomato Casserole
Pesto Chicken Bruschetta Rice
Creamy Mushroom And Beef Casserole
Asian Inspired Rice Pilaf
Chickpea & Good Stuff Curry
Trail Jambalaya
Creamy Chicken Primavera Pilaf
Creamy Beef & Mushroom Rice
Thanksgiving Rice In A Bag
Easy Bean and Rice Casserole
Curried Fruited Rice
T&T’s Cheezy Beef Rice
T & T’s Herby Beef Rice
T & T’s Beef Trash-erole
T & T’s 70’s Style Trasher-ole
Arroz Con Pollo
Chicken Broccoli Brown Rice
Italian Rice
Alfredo Rice
Spanish Rice

Beef Stroganoff
Chili Mac
Chicken Veggie Pasta Toss
Spicy Italian Pasta
Veggie Bacon & Pine Nut Toss
Carbon River Primavera Pasta
Ham & Green Bean Pasta
Spicy Tomato Bacon Pasta
Lemon Fish Pasta Toss
Harvest Pasta
Broccoli & Noodles With Peanut Sauce
Beef & Tomato Sauced Pasta

Quick Cashew & Peanut Veggie Noodles
Ramen & Bean Toss
Zucchini & Chicken
Chicken & Peas
Roast Beef Noodles
Ramen & Smoky Bacon Lentils

Almond Mushroom Couscous Pilaf
Indian Chicken Couscous
Pepperoni Pizza Couscous
Alfredo Chicken & Pasta
Fajita Couscous
Thai Chicken Couscous
Curried Pistachio Chicken Couscous
Forest Walking Couscous
Curried Lentils Over Couscous
Herbed Vegetable Couscous
Pizza In A Bag
Pepper Couscous
Broccoli & Chicken Couscous
Spicy Beans & Couscous
Sand Point Couscous
Walnut & Lentil Couscous
Southwest Corn Couscous
Couscous Primavera

Polenta & Grits
Spicy Cheese Polenta
Alfredo Broccoli Polenta
Italian Polenta
Primavera Beef Polenta
Fall Polenta
Black Bean Polenta Casserole

Mashed Potatoes
Pesto Primavera Polenta
Pesto Nut Mashers
Nacho Mashers
Creamy Mushroom Mashers
Chicken Satay Mashers
Chicken Colcannon Mashers
Spinach And Bacon Two Cheese Mashers
Chili Cheese Mashers
Primavera Mashers
Beef & Mushroom Malt Mashers
Creamy Broccoli Alfredo Chicken Mashers
Alfredo Mashers
Cheesy Hash Brown ‘Shroom Mashers
Shepherd’s Bowl
Smoked Salmon mashers
Creamy Chicken Mashers
Double Onion Mashers
Long Distance Taters
Taco Mashers
Florentine Bacon Mashers
Cheesy Beef Mashers
Turkey Cheese Mashers
Creamy Chicken Spinach Mashers
Shepherd’s Pie

Bulgur Chili
Mint & Raisin Bulgur
Bulgur Chickpea Salad
Ham & Apricot Bulgur Pilaf
Spicy Beans & Bulgur

Salads & Vegetables
Black-eyed Pea and Bacon Salad
Corn and Lentil Slaw
Lentil & Bacon Tapenade
Lentil & Tomato Salad
Sarah’s No-Cook Pepperoni Pasta Salad
Tomater & ‘Shroom Pasta Salad
Warm Lentil & Bulgur Salad
Zesty Pasta Salad
Crispy Fall Slaw
Salsa Lentil Couscous Salad
Orange Praline Sweet Potatoes
Marmalade Carrots
Curry Pepper Corn
Lemon and Almond Green Beans
Sweet Potatoes with Dried Fruit
Spicy Sesame Green Beans
Honeyed Spiced Carrots
Citrus Mashed Sweet Potatoes
Hula Ham Beans


Single Serving
Spicy Beef Soup
Hot & Sour Soup
Coconut Curry Soup
Chicken Broth
Coconut Almond Soup

Small Cups
Rainy Pass Potato Soup
Tomato Basil Lentil Soup
Curried Creamy Potato Soup
Creamy Italian Polenta Soup
Lentil & Irish Veggie Soup
Creamy Corn Chowder
Italian Vegetable Soup
Cashew Carrot Soup

Heartier Soups
Chicken Pasta Curry Soup
Red Beans & Rice Soup
Creamy Hash Brown Chowder
Brown Rice Vegetable Soup
Chilly Evening Noodle Bowl
Black Bean & Sweet Potato Stew
Slide Mt. Bean Chowder
Hearty Miso Soup
Creamy Corn and Bean Chowder
Lentil Couscous Soup
Black Bean Soup
Split Pea Curried Soup

Burritos & Wraps
Rosemary & White Bean Bruschetta Wraps
Taco Burritos
Hippie Girl Burritos
BBQ Beef Rice Burritos
Goodell Creek Burritos
Spicy Cashew Chicken Wraps
The Lunch Wrap
Smoked Salmon Wraps
Lentil Burritos
Black Bean & Salsa Rice Burritos
Salsa Pico & Bean Burritos
Shrimp Sushi

Dehydrator Specials
Bruschetta Pasta
White Bean Tapenade With Pasta

Trail Desserts
Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookie Dough In A Bag
Hot Coconut Pudding Cocoa
Nut & Fruit Energy Mix
Trail Brownies In A Bag
Apple crisp In A Bag
Coconut Rice Pudding
Backcountry Fudge In A Bag
S’mores In A Bag
Fruity Nut Balls
Peanut Butter & Fruit Roll
Warm Spiced Fruit
Peanut Butter Granola Balls
Coconut Cream & Maple Rice Pudding

Mixes & Seasonings
Low Sodium Bouillon Mix #1
Low Sodium Bouillon Mix #2
Garlic Tarragon Parmesan Cheese
Pesto Butter Powder
Italian Parmesan Herb Mix
Parma “Cheese” Topper
Munchy Crunchies
Salsa Pico De Gallo
DIY Instant Salsa
Tomato leather
Low Sodium “Soy Sauce
Instant Spaghetti Sauce
Alfredo Sauce Mix
Taco Seasoning Mix
Onion Soup Mix
Parmesan Cheese Sauce Mix
Fajita Seasoning Mix
Instant Pesto Mix