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Trailcooking Easy Breakfast Burritos

We had an art class for homeschoolers in town, then it was outside time. If it’s clear skies, you simply cannot waste mornings like this to the indoors. Exploring wide sandy beaches never gets old.

The Olympic Mountains rising above the water, capped with the first snow falls.

After getting a walk in, it was time for a mid-morning outdoor treat.

I made them two ways: one rolling it up in a cold tortilla, the other pan heating the tortilla up so you get a bit of crunchy exterior. Personally, the few seconds to heat it up is worth it, and there isn’t any cleanup if you are careful.

Freeze-dried cheddar cheese getting some heat.

Roll it up, and get some crunch on it.

Or…for the minimalist, eat it with a cold tortilla.

Not bad, but heated is far better.

Breakfast Burritos


To Pack:

Place cheese in a small zip-top bag, sealing tightly. Pack the tortillas in a gallon freezer bag with paper towels between each tortilla, unless you are going on a short trip. (Video below about it!)

To Prepare:

Add cool water to cover the cheese, in its bag. Seal and let sit for 10 minutes or so.

Bring water called for on package to a boil. Add to the eggs/scramble used, stir well, seal and let sit for 10 to 15 minutes. In cooler tempatures or at high altitude, use an FBC Cozy to insulate it.

Drain the cheese, if necessary.

For cold prep:

Place cheese on tortillas, spread eggs/scramble on top and salsa. Roll up and eat.

For warm prep:

Heat a 2 Liter frypan lid or wide/shallow pot over the lowest flame you can dial down to. Add in a tortilla, heat a bit, flip over and add cheese on it, then eggs (and salsa if desired). Heat till piping hot. Take off the stove, roll up and eat.

Serves 1-2 people, depending on appetite.


You must use pre-cooked freeze-dried eggs. Read packages carefully as many use freeze-dried raw egg, which must be cooked in a pan.

When using Mountain House eggs, cut the water shorter than they call for. My package said 1 cup, it would have been fine with ¾ cup water. Better than having to drain off egg scented water.

You can also use a pre-cooked freeze-dried breakfast scramble, which will have more ingredients for a heartier burrito.

You can find salsa packets at some delis in grocery stores, or buy some from McDonalds. Also in the chip aisle you can sometimes find single serving salsa tubs.

Keep your tortillas fresher, longer:


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