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RightOnTrek Meal Plan Review

I love the approach of RightOnTrek's Adventure Meal plans. It is simplicity. What it reminded me was of meal kits, like Hello Fresh and similar. Everything you need, ready to go. One bag per day. Customized for you. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, hot drinks and snacks. Plus all the condiments you might need. Check out a… Continue reading RightOnTrek Meal Plan Review

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Power Outage Alfredo Chicken Veggie Rice

I pondered where to post this recipe. Here on TrailCooking or on our homesteading site, Never Free Farm. In the end, I decided here instead as it would be good for families or groups cooking as one, or for base camping (or in a cabin or RV). We had a good storm this week, and… Continue reading Power Outage Alfredo Chicken Veggie Rice

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Is It Worth It?

A long time ago (you know, in the 2000's and early 2010's) as the decade was closing in, a number of gear companies were having a major renaissance and producing some of the best cooking gear for the outdoors. MSR was producing some amazing pots and cooking sets. I had come into a number of… Continue reading Is It Worth It?

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New Recipes On The Site

A smattering of recipes that had been on the site but were lost when we built the new website now back here, plus a new one to add. Enjoy! Apple Sunflower Granola Lavender Granola Sunflower Granola Shepherd's Pie Vegan Coconut Hot Cocoa Handcrafted Hemp Seed Butter ~Sarah

Trail Cooking

Dehydrated Marshmallows

A fun treat for children is dehydrating mini marshmallows. It’s a lot cheaper than buying the tiny Kraft ones (if you can even find those), in the grocery store (usually find those with hot cocoa mixes, or in the espresso supply area). Spread a bag of mini marshmallows on a couple of dehydrator trays, separating… Continue reading Dehydrated Marshmallows