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One Pot Backpacking Fried Rice

After the last fried rice recipe I had a reader ask me about a fried rice recipe they had seen on REI's blog. So I set about to work on the recipe and see if I could work on improving it. I didn't use freeze dried eggs because I prefer fresh (it's all the chicken… Continue reading One Pot Backpacking Fried Rice

Trail Cooking

One Pot Fried Rice

Spam is a trail food that you either despise and gag at, or well...enjoy. The key to loving it is it has to be pan fried. Eating it cold is nasty, I won't argue on that. You have to take a step forward and do the work for that "bacon-y" aroma. This recipe cheats and… Continue reading One Pot Fried Rice

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The Hippy Hut: Trail Meal Reviews

The two meals reviewed here might not be for everyone. But let me spin a little yarn....what they reminded me of was the the co-op back when I was in college. The deli was "interesting". It was run by old hippies who had managed to never sell out to The Man. When eating a certain… Continue reading The Hippy Hut: Trail Meal Reviews

Trail Cooking

Street Style Fish Tacos

With a lot of free time on my hands these days, if I am not on the farm or homeschooling, we are doing recipe development. I get the boys involved in it and let them run the stove and pans - might as well earn that Scout badge as fast as possible? I am trying… Continue reading Street Style Fish Tacos

Trail Cooking

Cold Sunny Beach Time and One Pot Mac n’ Cheese

Walker and Alistaire got their school work done early today so we headed to the library in town. With a sunny, but chilly, day we decided to head to the beach near our place on the south end of Whidbey Island. The tide was out low with a drop down from the above high tide… Continue reading Cold Sunny Beach Time and One Pot Mac n’ Cheese