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One Pot Meal: Sesame Noodles

This one pot dinner recipe for Sesame Noodles comes from Trail Cooking: Trail Food Made Gourmet on page 246. It's a filling meal and truly serves 2 large appetites. The recipe is a bit more "hands on" than some, but is well worth the extra effort. It would make a great meal for cabin and… Continue reading One Pot Meal: Sesame Noodles

Trail Cooking

Trail Recipes: Instant Double Corn Polenta

This easy FBC (Freezer Bag Cooking) recipe comes from page 160 of Trail Cooking: Trail Good Made Gourmet. The recipe includes FBC and One Pot directions. Is ti a savory breakfast? Or is it dinner? It can be either! It's gluten-free and vegetarian as well. Instant Double Corn Polenta In a quart freezer or sandwich… Continue reading Trail Recipes: Instant Double Corn Polenta

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Freeze-Drying The Holidays

Kirk and I were talking about it recently about how much having a Harvest Right Freeze-Dryer changed how we view food, and food waste. I held out the longest of us in buying our unit. The cost is what held me back. It IS a major appliance purchase. It's not like buying a food dehydrator,… Continue reading Freeze-Drying The Holidays

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Trail Recipes: Hot Eggnog

When I first started hiking a lot I'd order meals from Campmor's catalog (and for all of us oldies...the hand drawn catalogs were the best). They carried packets of eggnog drink mix which I'd buy every order. I really liked not having just hot cocoa on trips back then. It was one of my first… Continue reading Trail Recipes: Hot Eggnog

Trail Cooking

New FBC Recipe: Chicken and Vegetable Rice

I was trying for a risotto when I dreamed this recipe up, but it ended up as a pilaf. And that is OK, it was still a tasty recipe. It's a filling recipe, and is gluten-free. This trail meal is both FBC (Freezer Bag Cooking) and one pot method friendly. I call for in this… Continue reading New FBC Recipe: Chicken and Vegetable Rice