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Revisiting Recipes: Hiker’s Pantry Fudge

Fudge. It's a sugary delight that most people love, but never think of hauling along on a hike. However, when the sun is low, and the temperature is cold, fudge can be the best snack you could carry. Oh sure, a treat made of sugar and fat isn't sexy in the age of Keto &… Continue reading Revisiting Recipes: Hiker’s Pantry Fudge

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Chicken Green Bean Mac & Cheese

Simple meals go far in cold weather. It doesn't mean they need to be boring though. A few extra ingredients go far to liven up a box of mac and cheese. Chicken Green Bean Mac & Cheese Ingredients: 6-ounce box organic mac n’ cheese 1/3 cup freeze-dried green beans ΒΌ cup shelf stable parmesan cheese*… Continue reading Chicken Green Bean Mac & Cheese

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The Olympic Mountains and Asian Inspired Chicken & Veggies

Sometimes there are stories behind recipes and this is one of them. I had finally dialed in how to cook pasta that didn't need to be drained, and could be done in a smaller pot. My first successful recipe for this one pot method was Asian Inspired Chicken & Veggies. We packed up our gear… Continue reading The Olympic Mountains and Asian Inspired Chicken & Veggies

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One Pot Comfort Food: Bacon & Pea Alfredo

A much loved recipe on TrailCooking has been Bacon & Pea Alfredo, an easy one pot meal that is a snap to whip up. Perfect for chilly Fall evenings when you have comfort food cravings in camp. Ingredients packed and ready to go. Yes, you can use shelf-stable Parmesan cheese. But if you have room… Continue reading One Pot Comfort Food: Bacon & Pea Alfredo

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Breakfast Pumpkin Spice Rice

This recipe came out of an email from a reader, Jonathan S., of an adaptation he did of our Not So Basic Pumpkin Spice recipe. He brought up an interesting idea for a breakfast recipe, that we blogged about over the weekend, which is he processed the instant rice into smaller pieces. Adding to that,… Continue reading Breakfast Pumpkin Spice Rice