Trail Cooking

Street Style Fish Tacos

With a lot of free time on my hands these days, if I am not on the farm or homeschooling, we are doing recipe development. I get the boys involved in it and let them run the stove and pans - might as well earn that Scout badge as fast as possible? I am trying… Continue reading Street Style Fish Tacos

Trail Cooking

FBC Rice Primavera

Alistaire and I made up a big batch of Rice Primavera for lunch during our Wednesday hike. It is vegetarian friendly and if you swap the Parmesan cheese for a plant based substitute, it is vegan as well. It is also gluten-free, and features hemp seeds instead of nuts for a tree nut free crunchy… Continue reading FBC Rice Primavera

Trail Cooking

Making Trail Mix At School

I volunteered this week at the boys' school for a new program combining nutrition and gym class.Part of it is involving the children in talking about food. First week up was making trail mix, and trying new flavors/textures outside of just eating candy/chocolate. I was impressed by the number of kindergartners I helped with that… Continue reading Making Trail Mix At School

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A Recipe and A Tale of Mentorship

Far too many years ago, when I was younger and still scared of the woods, I found solace in a regional hiking column, Hike Of The Week, written by Karen Sykes. Every Thursday I waited for the newspaper to show up at work, and I carefully slipped the outdoors section out of the Seattle P-I,… Continue reading A Recipe and A Tale of Mentorship

Trail Cooking

Steak and Mashers

I am the queen of being lazy (why else did I develop hundreds of Freezer Bag Cooking recipes? Ha), but there are times when a small amount of work can be worth it. In this case Alistaire asked if we could do trail cooking during a short hike. Being winter, I was all for it.… Continue reading Steak and Mashers