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Trail Food Review: Wild Roots Foods Powdered Eggs

Wild Roots Foods has a powdered egg being sold at Costco locations in the PNW currently. It comes in a box of 6 6-ounce packets. Each packet is approximately 13 eggs. It can be found on Amazon for those not in the PNW of the US. I am always hesitant with powdered eggs. Some are… Continue reading Trail Food Review: Wild Roots Foods Powdered Eggs

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Two Cheese Sauce Mixes

Cheese sauce powder is an essential for easy trail recipes. While you can find dry cheddar cheese sauce mix online easily these days, making your own is a snap. We have two recipes on the website, one of which is very easy to make and you may have all the ingredients in your pantry already.… Continue reading Two Cheese Sauce Mixes

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Revisiting Italian Couscous

The recipe for Italian Couscous dates back to the mid 2000's, it was one of the first 100 or so FBC (Freezer Bag Cooking) recipes I created. I did a re-do of it this week, making it a two serving recipe, but preparing it in a pot, instead of FBC. This way you can use… Continue reading Revisiting Italian Couscous

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Vanilla Strawberry Trail Mix

As the school year winds down for us, this week is 'camping' theme week for my youngest son's class. With his food allergies, I made him his own trail mix that he can safely eat - as the class is having a build a trail mix project midweek, that he can take with him. The… Continue reading Vanilla Strawberry Trail Mix

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Allergy Friendly Trail Mix

Most trail mixes commercially made are a nightmare for nut/peanut allergies. Even the "safer" ones, made with seeds, can be a real issue. Alistaire hasn't had trail mix since he developed his sunflower allergy when he was around 4 years old. Even then, seeds are often packaged or processed in the same facility as nuts… Continue reading Allergy Friendly Trail Mix