Tropical Breakfast Rice Pudding

Tropical Breakfast Rice Pudding



At Home –

Open the bar of creamed coconut. If your kitchen is cool (under 70°) It will be solid. If you live in a warm area, chill the bar first for 30 minutes. Take a cheese grater, place on a large rimmed plate, finely grate the whole bar, measure out the amount needed, store the rest in a tightly sealed container. Add all the ingredients into a quart freezer bag for FBC Method, or a sandwich bag for the other methods. Mark bag with permanent marker ”Add 2½ cups water”.

FBC Method –

Place bag in a cozy, add near boiling water, stir, seal and let rest for 15 minutes, Stir before serving. Insulated Mug Method – Add the dry mix to a large insulated mug, add boiling water and stir. Cover and let rest for 10 minutes, stir well.

One Pot Method –

Bring the water to boil in a 1L or bigger pot, add dry mix, stir well. Cover and take off the stove. In cool weather place in a pot cozy for best results. Let rest for 10 minutes, stir before serving. Serves 2 to 3, depending on appetite.

– This recipe can be halved for solo planning.