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Shredded Beef and Pepper Grits Recipe

Instant grits are a great carb option to use in hiking meals. It’s smooth, hearty and is quick to prepare. If you haven’t tried them, pick up a box sometime!

Instant grits are found in the cereal aisle, usually with the instant oatmeal. Often up high. Not every store sells them however, but if where you shop has a large older population, you are more likely to find them.

In this recipe I used all freeze-dried ingredients with the instant grits. The reason why is grits rehydrate almost instantly, similar to how mashed potatoes do. You need quick hydrating ingredients to match this. So save dehydrated ingredients for meals with a longer rehydration time.

Pepper Jack freeze-dried cheese is a great one to have on for meals, cheddar cheese also works if you don’t like spice, although I personally feel it isn’t a “spicy” cheese.

With the freeze-dried meat used, shredded beef is currently not easy to find for sale (I had a can I have been using this past week in recipe development). A good substitute is pulled pork (for the same look/texture) or diced (cubed) beef, which you can smash up a bit before measuring dry. Freeze-dried hamburger also works if you can’t find the others.

Shredded Beef and Pepper Grits

Pack in a quart freezer or sandwich bag:

FBC Method:

Place freezer bag in an FBC cozy. Add in 1½ cups boiled water to the bag. Stir well and seal. Let sit for 10 minutes. Stir and eat.

One Pot Method:

Bring 1½ cups water to a boil in a small pot. Turn off the stove, add in the dry ingredients and stir well. Cover tightly and let sit for 10 minutes. Stir again and eat.

In cooler temperatures, or at high altitude use a pot cozy to insulate.

Serves 1.


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