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Pinoy Sinangag Garlic Fried Rice

Sinangag Garlic Fried Rice is a simple Filipino fried rice, yet so good to eat. It warms the body, and fills you. And yes, you can make this Pinoy recipe on the trail easily with a few tricks - and no wok needed. It's pretty close to how I make it at home for my… Continue reading Pinoy Sinangag Garlic Fried Rice

Trail Cooking

FBC Recipe: Corn Chowder

It's winter and to me that is warm soups. Not just for backpacking either, day trips are worth the bringing of gear along - a small stove, small pot and a meal to prep. You'll get hydrated and warmed up for the return trip back to the car. Directions for both FBC (Freezer Bag Cooking)… Continue reading FBC Recipe: Corn Chowder

Freeze Drying · Trail Cooking

Freeze-Drying Yogurt For The Trail

Freeze-dried yogurt is a great treat for the trail. Both adults and children enjoy it - and you can rehydrate it with cool water to make fresh yogurt as well. We made large ice cubes here, but you can make it into drops, for young children. They quickly melt that way in the mouth. It's… Continue reading Freeze-Drying Yogurt For The Trail

Trail Cooking

Keto Friendly Cheese Crisps

This was a multiple try to get what I was seeking taste and texture wise, for a cheese cracker that is crunchy, salty and tasty. Something I can eat on the go, that is keto friendly and lower carb. For both me and the boys. But not go broke buying commercial bags of cheese crisps.… Continue reading Keto Friendly Cheese Crisps

Trail Cooking

Chicken Salad Recipe (No Cook)

With a couple freeze-dried ingredients you can have a quick no-cook lunch, snack or even dinner for the trail. The recipe itself is gluten-free, but as always read the labels on mayo packets to be sure. I served it on street taco sized tortillas, Mission makes keto friendly ones now, called Zero Net Carbs Tortillas… Continue reading Chicken Salad Recipe (No Cook)