FBC Recipes Now With Photos And Updates – Part 3

The oldest recipes on TrailCooking are the original FBC (Freezer Bag Cooking) ones from 2002-2007 or so. These recipes were the first ones I developed but back in those days it wasn’t like now, where photographs showcased the recipes. Websites were different back then – and pictures had to be so small (crazy to think about now!) to even be supported by your host. So often pages had no pictures at all. Then life moved on, technology changed for the better and I just never got back to those old recipes. I was too busy creating new recipes and writing books.

I have been going back and updating these recipes as I have had time, cooking them again, tweaking the ingredients with more modern choices, shooting photographs and such. This is part 3 of the recipes that have been updated recently.

Pizza Rice

Cranberry Chicken Rice Version 2

Chicken Gravy Rice

Creamy Chicken Rice

Dry Cream of Mushroom Soup Mix

Cranberry Couscous Pilaf


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