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Backcountry Alfredo Pasta

With prep at home (by that I mean ordering a few staples) you can have an indulgent dry alfredo pasta mix to take on the trail. And it tastes like the real stuff, instead of the weak substitute that is sold in packets at the store. Both the heavy cream powder and the butter powder… Continue reading Backcountry Alfredo Pasta

Trail Cooking

Trail Cooking Recipes: Tuna Bruschetta Pasta

Long ago, when I first started writing trail recipes I was always worried about writing splashy ones. I needed them to be exotic, with as many ingredients as I could add. But the thing is...the comfort food recipes are the favorites in the end. Those are the ones our readers go to first. This one… Continue reading Trail Cooking Recipes: Tuna Bruschetta Pasta

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When The Meal Lasts Longer Than The Listing

The other week I was going through items that we had moved in 2018 when we moved to our current place. One was a reward of extra freeze dried meals I had long forgotten about. I grabbed a couple to take on a hike and off we went. Well, once we got back home and… Continue reading When The Meal Lasts Longer Than The Listing

Trail Cooking

Easy Teriyaki Chicken Rice

Looking for ideas to use the chicken pouches I talked about recently, I pulled a quick and easy recipe together using the teriyaki flavor. Is it gourmet? Not really. But it is tasty and fills one up quickly and has plenty of protein and veggies. It is both one pot and FBC friendly for cooking.… Continue reading Easy Teriyaki Chicken Rice

Trail Cooking

One Pot Backpacking Fried Rice

After the last fried rice recipe I had a reader ask me about a fried rice recipe they had seen on REI's blog. So I set about to work on the recipe and see if I could work on improving it. I didn't use freeze dried eggs because I prefer fresh (it's all the chicken… Continue reading One Pot Backpacking Fried Rice