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No Cook Backpacking Recipes

No cook backpacking recipes are fantastic for many reasons. From being able to eat a real lunch while hiking long days (so much better than facing another rock hard energy bar), to not having to cook in a downpour to just carrying less gear (and weight). These 6 recipes will get you going, and find… Continue reading No Cook Backpacking Recipes

Trail Cooking

Backpacking Recipe: Cheesy Grits and Bacon

Savory comfort food, for the cold mornings or nights? Grits are the creamy and warming bowl of yum for backpacking. I have made a different version of this recipe before, this one is streamlined for easier prep, using powdered cheddar cheese. Cheesy Grits and Bacon 2 packets instant grits In a snack bag (if doing… Continue reading Backpacking Recipe: Cheesy Grits and Bacon

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Freezer Bag Cooking: The FBC Recipes That Started A Way

The summer of 2003 changed me. I was backpacking constantly, and had burnt out on commercial freeze-dried meals. I was also broke that year (I had moved that year), and I was ready to save money so I could hike more. I had met Kirk the year before, and he brought to our relationship his… Continue reading Freezer Bag Cooking: The FBC Recipes That Started A Way

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The History of The FBC Cozy

A long time ago, in late 2005, I began dreaming about a functional, but decent looking concept for a cozy for FBC meals. A cozy? Yes. The FBC Cozy would insulate the meals in their bags, to keep them piping hot, and to help with hydration. When I just started writing Freezer Bag Cooking (FBC)… Continue reading The History of The FBC Cozy

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Easy Teriyaki Chicken Rice

Looking for ideas to use the chicken pouches I talked about recently, I pulled a quick and easy recipe together using the teriyaki flavor. Is it gourmet? Not really. But it is tasty and fills one up quickly and has plenty of protein and veggies. It is both one pot and FBC friendly for cooking.… Continue reading Easy Teriyaki Chicken Rice