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Revisiting Smoked Salmon Pasta Recipe

Years ago, far too many, I saw a recipe for Smoked Salmon Pasta, a one pot method recipe in an issue of Backpacker Magazine. It was for a 3 ingredient recipe set (which of course assumed you brought along oil, salt and pepper in your food bag). I had made the recipe to see how it was and then made it a bit better. Problem was just pasta, lemon and salmon is kind of bland. It needed lots of Parmesan cheese, because the cheese really coats the pasta, that makes a sauce, and adds a salty punch of flavor.

I made a quick video of us cooking the recipe today after we went hiking. Spring is here, even if the wind was blowing us sideways today.

Find the recipe for Smoked Salmon Pasta here. 

I picked up a pouch of Chicken of the Sea Wild Alaska Smoked Salmon….which I don’t think I would recommend to be honest. While it tasted fine, it wasn’t smoked tasting. It was also oddly soft textured and the color wasn’t appetizing. I am too used to local places that smoke salmon and sell it sealed. It’s dark in color, and oh that flavor! So if you can find a local product, go for that first. Having said that, the pouched salmon was with the other pouched fish at the grocery store.

This recipe can be made in a smaller pot, such as a 1.3 to a 1.5 Liter pot. I suggest using HAA or nonstick for it, as cheese will want to stick. I used my go-to MSR HAA that isn’t made anymore (a true sadness in that).

A quick boil, mixing the olive oil, lemon powder and cheese together with the salmon and lunch was ready.

Sometimes simplicity can be good – and tasty.


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