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Meal Review: Ukrainian Borscht

Nomad Nutrition caught my eye with their Ukrainian Borscht. Let's put it this way....have you ever seen borscht sold as a backcountry meal? I'm going to hedge most of my readers didn't grow up eating borscht in their homes, much less on the trail. I did, my Mom loved making big pots of it that… Continue reading Meal Review: Ukrainian Borscht

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Food Find: Single Serving Chicken Packets

Awhile back a reader clued me into a new line and I set out to find it. For those who miss single serving packets of chicken you can now find it in many grocery stores, and more is flavored and ready to add to favorite meals. I got blessed with a bogo offer at… Continue reading Food Find: Single Serving Chicken Packets

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One Pot Fried Rice

Spam is a trail food that you either despise and gag at, or well...enjoy. The key to loving it is it has to be pan fried. Eating it cold is nasty, I won't argue on that. You have to take a step forward and do the work for that "bacon-y" aroma. This recipe cheats and… Continue reading One Pot Fried Rice

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Food Review: Kween Granola Butter

I am a sucker for Facebook and Instagram ads, and the pandemic only made it I suddenly saw so many products I could buy direct (yes, even tortillas.....and so much more. I have kept UPS busy.). But the one ad that really caught my eye was for Kween Granola Butter. was Top 14… Continue reading Food Review: Kween Granola Butter

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The Hippy Hut: Trail Meal Reviews

The two meals reviewed here might not be for everyone. But let me spin a little yarn....what they reminded me of was the the co-op back when I was in college. The deli was "interesting". It was run by old hippies who had managed to never sell out to The Man. When eating a certain… Continue reading The Hippy Hut: Trail Meal Reviews