Commercial Meal Review: Thrive Life Creamy Mashed Potato Bowl

Newer to Thrive Life’s round up of ready to go meals is the Creamy Mashed Potato Bowl. It retails at $13.99 or $11.89 if you use the Monthly Delivery Service that Thrive Life offers.

Weighing in at 5.39 ounces, it is a light option for commercial backpacking meals. It is listed as a 3 serving meal, but I would say 2 hungry adults will tuck into it perfectly.

Serving 2, it has 380 calories, 985 mg sodium, 16 grams fat, 36 grams carbs (it is based on potatoes!), 21.5 grams protein and 4 grams sugar. So while higher in sodium, it isn’t bad for all the potassium you will get in it.

Shelf life is 20 years, based on the date it was produced. It is marked on the bag. Meals are made in Utah on site in their production faclity.

The youngest and I sharing a cold day at the beach.

Low tide with so many ducks out enjoying spring.

And I am sure a hungry Seagull enjoyed this as a meal, leaving us a pretty shell.

While they don’t list adding the water to the bag on the back, the bags are the same heavy duty mylar bags you are used to. Toss the oxygen absorber packet and add in 2¼ cups boiled water. Stir really well, getting into the corners of the bag (which is always important with mashed potato meals!), zip back up and let sit for 15 minutes.

This meal I really enjoyed, as did Alix. Many times commercial meals don’t quite hit it on the mashed potato meals. The potatoes are ready nearly instantly, but the meat/veggies take a lot longer. The meat and vegetables rehydrated perfectly. No crunchy cores. That was nice. All the vegetables were freeze-dried, not dehydrated, which is most of the reason why. Chicken rehydrates quite well, and was a great choice for this dish. Definitely give it the full 15 minutes.

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