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Commercial Meal Review: Thrive Life Chicken Spinach Alfredo

The boys and I were out hiking yesterday, and it has been a very windy spring so far. Enough it left me concerned to be in the forest. The trees were bending quite a bit and we were getting rained on by pinecones and pine needles.

The Salish Sea though, was alive in the wind. We hiked up to the bluff, overlooking the Olympic Peninsula.

After freezing in the wind, we left Fort Ebey State Park and headed south down Whidbey Island to Fort Casey State Park (which is just a few miles apart, you can see it from the bluff, down the beach). We decided to have lunch there because it was a wee bit less windy in the more protected back part (in other words, not on the bluff).

The Chicken Spinach Alfredo meal we tried out is from the newer Meals ready to go, with a 20 year shelf life.

The meal retails for $13.64 and weighs in at 6.98 ounces dry.

It is listed as 3 servings, however I would treat this meal as “serves 2 hungry people”. I got 3 bites, the boys ate the rest – because they took it and walked away with the pasta. That gave them each about 1½ cups prepared food.

Based as 2 servings: 415 calories, 26 grams protein, 12 grams fat, 865 mg sodium per serving.

While it doesn’t list backpacking directions, just open, toss the oxygen absorber packet and add in 2 cups boiled water, stirring very well. Seal tightly and let sit for 15 minutes. Stir and serve. In cooler temps I would insulate the bag a bit (which I do no matter the brand).

Full of shell pasta and big chunks of chicken. The meal has a pleasant dry aroma.

Served up and ready to eat.

And here’s the thing…spinach can be an odd add to meals, but the boys never noticed it. I have to think they thought it was parsley, so it was a win. There isn’t a strong spinach flavor (which can happen in meals). The alfredo sauce is smooth and mild tasting. Our boys are 11 and 13 and are adventurous eaters, so your mileage may be different. However, I noted this meal as being very kid friendly.

It’s Mac n’ Cheese with chicken. And most kids love that,

The oldest, who at 13, is starting to hit “teen hunger” was sad his was gone, and tried to convince his brother to share his, which he declined to.

This meal was a winner. I will be picking up more for them, to have on hand.


FTC Disclaimer: We purchased the product to review it, all thoughts are ours. Links are affilate based, and we do make a small commission on items purchased through them.

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