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Backpacker’s Pantry: Making Sour Cream On The Trail

Sour cream powder is a great ingredient to have on hand. It’s great added to recipes as a dry ingredient (instant mashed potatoes for example), but making it into a fresh bowl (or bag) of sour cream is just fun to do. If you love burritos on the trail, it will take them to a new level.

Sour Cream


At Home:

Pack the sour cream powder in a snack size zip top bag. Roll the bag up gently, pushing out the air, seal it tightly. Keep the bag rolled to keep any air from creeping back in.

To make:

Slowly add in 2 Tablespoons cold water, stirring in, till fully mixed. Seal and let sit. It will thicken after a few minutes, especially if put into cold water for a few minutes. Start off with as cold water as you can get for best results (in the PNW this is pretty easy to do even in summer, if you are hiking along snow pack fed rivers and streams.

Now then, for better taste, if you have a cold stream handily nearby, making sure it is tightly sealed, tether it in the stream (you can do this for so many foods!) and let it get good and chilled. Usually we put the bag we want chilled inside a larger zip top bag, and either use paracord threaded through a hole in the top, or weight it down on the edge with rocks. You can also use a snow bank to chill in, but make sure the bag isn’t visible to birds, who will happily enjoy your treat…..

Amazon sells sour cream powder as well.

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