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Backpackers Pantry: Making Butter Out Of Butter Powder

One of the best things you can develop is a Backpackers Pantry, of base ingredients, so you can pull meals together without chasing down hard(er) to find items. I’ll be talking about that in the near future.

Butter powder is a great ingredient to up the calorie count in backpacking recipes, adds flavor and what many don’t know? You can make actual butter out of it. Easily. With just the powder and cold water. Even deep in the backcountry. No need to worry about carrying butter, that will melt in heat or potentially go rancid in the hot of summer. Imagine how good it would taste to have frypan bread/scones/biscuits piping hot….and then slathered with fresh butter? On Day 5? Yes.

I typically buy Hoosier Hill Farm Butter Powder to stock in our pantry. It has a good quality and holds up well in storage. However, do not follow the directions on their packaging on how to make butter. You will have a liquid mess if you do.

Instead, I followed the directions on Augason Farms powder.

To make butter, add ½ cup butter powder to a snack size zip top bag. When ready to use it, add in 1½ Tbsp cold water. Let it sit for a couple minutes (it doesn’t absorb immediately), then stir and stir until the butter starts to come together. Just keep stirring and suddenly it will be a solid (so don’t give up!). At this point it is ready to use. Seal tightly till needed.

Now then, for better taste, if you have a cold stream handily nearby, making sure it is tightly sealed, tether it in the stream (you can do this for so many foods!) and let it get good and chilled. Usually we put the bag we want chilled inside a larger zip top bag, and either use paracord threaded through a hole in the top, or weight it down on the edge with rocks.

Once firmed up, you can use this butter even in recipes (for example, homemade biscuits) or use it on top of your dinner.

Life is too short to eat sucky food. Sure, it is work. But you will love the gourmet touch…..


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