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One Pot Fried Rice

Spam is a trail food that you either despise and gag at, or well…enjoy. The key to loving it is it has to be pan fried. Eating it cold is nasty, I won’t argue on that. You have to take a step forward and do the work for that “bacon-y” aroma. This recipe cheats and uses precooked rice in a bag, which while heavier than carrying instant rice uses no water, or boiling of water, to get the rice ready. The meal is gluten-free, and I have an option for those who are Paleo/Keto below.

One Pot Fried Rice



Tuck the dried vegetables into a snack size ziptop bag. If taking fried onions, add a bit to another snack size ziptop bag.

In camp:

Add ½ cup water to the vegetables. It can be cool water. Let sit to rehydrate for at least 30 minutes.

Dice up spam. Spam is pretty oily, so do it on a clean ziptop bag or paper towel, that you can toss.

Heat a 2 Liter pot (preferably wide and shallow) over a medium flame. Drizzle in the oil. Add in the vegetables, saute until smelling fragrant. Add in the spam, keep cooking, stirring often, until the Spam is golden and getting crispy.

Add in the rice, breaking it up, stirring constantly to heat through. Drizzle on the coconut aminos, stirring in.

Serve topped with fried onions, if desired.

Serves 2 hearty appetites.

*Buy the type you like. There is a 25% less sodium version – which we used. If you choose to use a can, they have a pull top, and smash with a boot flat, and and the can is lightweight.

**You can make this Paleo/Keto friendly by using cauliflower in a bag and skip the rice. The coconut rice I found came from an Asian store. Precooked bagged rice is easy to source at most grocery stores, look up high in the rice section – although stock may be low still due to the pandemic. Even the precooked ones in bowls will work.

***You can find gluten free fried onions in some grocery stores now, I source ours at Safeway, under their organic O line.

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