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One Pot Raspberry Chocolate Pudding

The holidays are winding down, the returning light brings the promise of longer days to come….once I hit the end of December, it is time to start thinking up new recipes for trailcooking.

Dessert is the often over looked part of of outdoor meals. It’s often a candy bar or some chocolate, but it can be a time to make a cooked dessert, and enjoy the slow time in camp in the evening. Sure, you might need to clean a pot, but it’s worth it. And if you choose the pot carefully, you might be able to just clean it with your spoon, then finger, to get it all out, and then a quick rinse out.

One Pot Raspberry Chocolate Pudding

In a snack size bag:

Mark bag “Add ½ cup water”.

Add powder to a small pot (use HAA or nonstick for ease in cleaning up), stir in the water. Heat over a low flame to boiling, stirring constantly. Once thickened, take off the heat.

Enjoy warm, or if you have a snow field or cold stream nearby, chill carefully.

Serve 1-2 depending on your love of sweets.


You can use full fat or nonfat dry milk. You can use alternative plant milk powders as well, making it vegan if desired. Oat milk powder is a great one to try. Unlike commercial pudding mixes, if you make it from scratch it will thicken no matter what kind of milk you prefer!


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