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Philly Cheesesteak

This can be eaten as a high protein/veggie dish or you can put it on tortillas to make wraps (and have a higher calorie content). It’s also great served over a instant rice (½ to 1 cup, prepped in a second freezer bag).

Sometimes though, a meal isn’t pretty. This is definitely an ugly meal. But it has great flavor, rich in meat and gravy. Just don’t look at all the brown. Maybe don’t eat with your eyes…..

Yeah, it is ugly. But it really tasted great!

This meal will fit into a 12-ounce mason jar as well. Meaning if you are road tripping, cabin camping or sleeping in a metal tent (a van/SUV) you can take it this way. Add the water, put the ring and lid on and you can shake it up, then let sit. It’s an option, where you get a bowl built in. Not for backpacking, but still an option otherwise.

Dry ingredients.

Philly Cheesesteak

In a quart freezer or sandwich bag:

FBC Method:

Place freezer bag in an FBC Cozy. Add in ½ cup boiled water. Seal bag and shake. Let sit for 15 minutes.

One Pot Method:

Bring ½ cup water to a boil in a small pot. Add in dry ingredients, stirring well. Cover and take off stove. Let sit for 15 minutes. In cooler temperatures or at high altitude, insulate with a pot cozy.

Serves 1.


Use lower sodium gravy mix to control the sodium, if you desire. Not all gravy mixes are gluten-free, if this is an issue. Be sure to read the ingredients.

For the meat, we happened to have freeze-dried shredded beef on hand. Diced or hamburger also would work. You could use cooked at home (think in a slow cooker or Instant Pot) beef, that is shredded, then dehydrated.

Cheese: Yes, provolone would be best, but unless you have a freeze-dryer you probably won’t be able to find that easily. We used Montery Jack that we had on hand, you could use Pepper Jack or Mozzarella cheese as well.

For the bell peppers, the norm might be green, but red can be easier to find. Use what you like!


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