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Boondocking Meals: Steak & Egg Scramble

Cold mornings call for protein heavy breakfasts. They don’t have to be hard to make, nor create a ton of mess. By using freeze-dried ingredients you can have a hearty breakfast in 15 minutes, with no egg shells to toss, or raw egg to deal with (or carrying of fresh eggs). This one pot method recipe works for backpacking, car camping, in the RV, at a cabin or even off grid boondocking.

Add some salsa, maybe a biscuit…..

Sealed in Food Vac bags for long-term storage.

Steak & Egg Scramble

In a Food Vac bag:

In a Food Vac bag:

Also take:


Open the pepper and beef bag, add 1 cup cool water. Let rehydrate for 10 minutes, shaking the bag gently periodically.

Add 1 ¼ cups cool water to the egg bag. Stir well to combine. Egg powder can hide in the bag corners, so massage it gently.

Add the oil to a skillet, or large/wide 2 Liter pot over a medium flame, non-stick works best for this recipe. Add in the pepper and beef with any remaining soaking liquid, saute until smelling good and all water is cooked off.

Stir or shake the egg mix again, then gently pour in, over the beef. Scramble until the eggs are done, lowering the flame as needed.

Serves 3 to 4.


1 cup egg scramble mix is equal to 8 fresh eggs.

A small spatula works well, a bamboo spoon also works well.

Salt to taste, or serve with salsa or your favorite hot sauce.

When prepping recipes using freeze-dried ingredients (versus dehydrated) you want to ensure the bag is well sealed. Particularly with freeze-dried meat. If you are making the meal to use that weekend, a plastic bag will work great. If longer, I highly suggest using a FoodVac sealer and precut quart size bags.

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