Trail Cooking

Menu For A Day

Summer is winding down and the days are getting noticeably shorter. Comfort food is on the menu, and well, the chilly temperatures can let you eat a bit more of the good stuff!

In Your Face Morning Mochas

Because you don’t have a Starbucks nearby. And if you do, you didn’t hike far enough.

Carrot Cake In A Bowl

This recipe is not your typical boring oatmeal.

Southwest Chicken Corn Wraps

Lunch doesn’t have to be sad tortillas smeared with peanut butter. Take the time to enjoy your meals.

Mushroom Soup

In colder weather, soup is something you shouldn’t overlook. One it warms you up, but also it rehydrates you. It’s easy to not drink enough in colder temps.

Harvest Rice

Rice is easy to eat – and to make. And you won’t be cooking in the dark with this FBC friendly recipe.

Bear Scat Fudge

Don’t overlook carrying a calorie dense dessert/snack. The nights are longer and colder, and a treat before bed will fuel you for hours in your tent. You might even sleep through the night!


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