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Commercial Meal Review: 2 Vegetarian Single Serving Backpacker’s Pantry Pasta Meals

If you are a vegetarian and love pasta, these 2 meals will be welcome choices, should you be looking for an easy to grab meal to take along. Both are quite tasty, and are single serving bags. Neither are heavy on the stomach, which often pasta meals can be.

Both meals are easy to prep, and are ready within 20 minutes (including boiling water).

While both are pleasantly flavored, neither are too spicy or out there in taste. They run middle of the road, where it is pleasant.

But another positive is the price point. These are actually affordable meals.

Pasta & Spring Vegetables with Butter Sauce is a single serving meal is 2.7 ounces in weight, low profile mylar bag and has 13 grams protein. So not super high in protein, but it has some from the pasta.

It retails for $7.99.

They used to call this Primavera, and that is what the meal is. It’s full of zucchini, carrots, peas, spinach and even red bell pepper. At 800 mg of sodium I didn’t hesitate to eat nearly the whole bag, as I knew it wouldn’t be a terrible salt lick. The kids were not so hep on all the vegetables, but whatever, I liked it. It’s good enough I’d eat this at home in a power outage happily. It’s light and well flavored. I like the pasta texture as well. It’s not pasty or thick.

Hatch Chile has been the hot flavor for the past few years, but hasn’t really shown up in backpacking meals until recently. This is a great mac n’ cheese that is more aimed at adults, but kids with adventurous taste buds will love. A & W were fighting over who got to eat more of it. I got one tiny bite, and poof. It was gone as they chowed down. It has a smooth flavor, with a mild hint of heat at the end. Add in some pouched/canned chicken and even better.

The sauce is thicker than the spring pasta, but it’s also not so cheesy that is all you taste.

Hatch Green Chile Mac & Cheese. Single serving, low profile mylar pouch (no knuckle in the food is nice), so it takes up less space in a bear bag or canister. Retail is $7.99 and weight is 3.7 ounces. It has 22 grams of protein.


FTC Disclaimer: We bought all products reviewed. Thoughts are ours.

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