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Commercial Meal Review: Thrive Life Breakfast Skillet

Thrive Life Breakfast Skillet – just add boiling water and let sit for 10 to 15 minutes, then have a hot breakfast to get fueled on. It’s a simple concept but often freeze-dried food companies mess up the breakfasts. As if its an afterthought, and they shove one together so they can say they have “all the meals”. Thrive Life got it right though. Quality ingredients, not a salt lick, and it is delcious.

It retails for $17.75 or $15.09 for those using Thrive’s Monthly Delivery service.

It is a 3 person meal, however I felt it was a hearty 2 person meal, and will fill you up well.

For 2 servings, each serving has: 300 calories, 18 grams of protein, 17 grams fat, and 960 mg sodium.

So maybe a tad saltier, but it isn’t bad. Considering that you won’t need to eat the whole bag most likely. This is a lot of food, and if you are sipping a trail latte along with it, you will be good to go. And this one, is a good meal. Unlike the Salt Lick Roundup I wrote about awhile back……

As with past Thrive Life meals we have reviewed, they come in high quality mylar bags with a 20 year shelf life on them. They don’t carry directions for adding the water to the bag, but it is fine to do.

This meal was full of tasty ingredients. Eggs, pork sausage, potatoes, tomatoes and even spinach. No need for Tabasco here.

The meal called for 1½ cups boiled water. Toss the desiccant packet, add the water in the bag and stir well with a long handled spoon. Seal and let sit for 10 to 15 minutes.

I got a few bites. The boys scarfed it down, arguing back and forth that each one didn’t “get as much” as the other.

I’d say that is a successful review of a commercial meal: a tweener and a teen both loved it. They didn’t even notice the spinach. And then they asked if I would keep this one on hand for “the power outages next winter”.


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