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Meal Reviews: North Idaho Snackables

Awhile back a friend of mine from my previous town connected me to a small company run by a friend of hers, who she had met after moving to Idaho in the last year. I love connections like this as you find things you wouldn’t normally come across.

North Idaho Snackables is run by a family rather than a faceless corporation, providing easy to prep meals, freeze-dried fruit and of course…fun candy that is freeze-dried.

We tried out 3 items from them recently. The two meals retail for $11.00 and have very short ingredient lists. No fake meat, no odd proteins added. No TVP or Soy. It’s real food.

Chicken Enchiladas.

Unlike the entrees from certain large freeze-dried outdoor food companies, this has huge chunks of chicken/sauce and flour tortillas. The aroma of the dried food is very pleasant, reminding one of eating at a favorite Mexican restaurant.

I let mine sit for 10 minutes (I wandered off). The meal only took 1 cup of water, which is very helpful in dry areas.

It was a delicious meal and I ate the entire bag with no shame. I’d highly recommend this choice.

It has 23 grams of protein packed into the single serving. And enough carbs to help you sleep soundly in the cold. And no, it’s not hot spicy, but still very flavorful.

An honest moment here: I am not a huge chili fan. I know many are. But I gave it my best review, taste buds aside. Turkey & Black Bean Chili.

Now then, I will say this: It is packed with real turkey. None of that oddly diced up turkey, this is shredded turkey meat. And it rehydrates perfectly. Texture wise, the meal is a winner. So for chili, it wasn’t bad (and again, this is a personal thing for me). It’s not spicy hot either.

I’d serve it over rice, for how I like eating chili when I do. Or toss with hot pasta. Do this, and it’d serve 2 people.

It boasts at 31 grams of protein. And no fake protein added.

For a snack, 2 pieces of Huckleberry Yogurt topped with Honey Granola. At only $1 a bag, these cute treats are worth grabbing. They are gelatin free, so are vegetarian friendly. Children will love them. They are crispy, airy and yet creamy as they hit your tongue.

We really enjoyed these.

It’s always fun finding new things to consider for trips.


FTC Disclaimer: We received product samples for potential review. All thoughts are ours. 

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