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Commercial Meal Review: Polenta with Pork Sausage

Our youngest loves polenta with a passion. Not a normal meal for the Pacific Northwest, and not one many children here are exposed to, however he got hooked a few years ago on it.

He was digging thru the container of commercial meals that need to be reviewed and spied a bag of Packit Gourmet’s Polenta with Pork Sausage and asked if we could try it out. So sure, why not.

At $9.49 a bag, which is 1 serving, it isn’t cheap, but it does pack a lot of calories in that bag for breakfast. It’s cheesy, and meaty. A little salty for my taste, but the boy loved it. He only ate about half of it due to it being a filling meal. A savory breakfast can go far on cold mornings, but also as an alternative for dinner – not soup, but not a dinner requiring a lot of chewing. It’s a simple rustic meal.

To prep: 1 cup boiled water and 10 minutes. Stir well as you add the water to avoid clumps. It’ll appear thin at first, but before eating stir well and it thickens up.


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