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Meal Reviews: 2 From Next Mile Meals

Two beef meals from Next Mile Meals, a brand that sells in the tiny niche for Keto followers (and happen to be gluten-free as well).

Their line of freeze-dried meals is easy to prep, just requiring boiling water. Although I do recommend letting the meals sit for 15 minutes after adding the water, instead of the 7-10 minutes the company recommends. For me this ensures the meat is fully rehydrated.

And that is something to mention, unlike some brands, the meat is higher quality. It tastes good, and doesn’t have random pieces that are crunchy and powder filled. Both meals were good, though the guys enjoyed the beef marinara the most. The bag serves 1, but if you were to use the taco one for burritos, you could serve 2 amply. Same with the beef marinara, tossed with pasta or over rice, it would serve 2.

It’s nice to be able to find meals that are gluten-free, lower carb and allergen-friendly. And that taste good.

The meals retail for $14.00, and while not cheap, they are not the most expensive, and you get what you pay for – which is you are paying for just meat and vegetables. Neither are inexpensive.

For both meals I was happy with them, and would happily recommend. If you are going to buy pre-made meals, buy quality!

Italian Style Marinara.

This was hands down a winner. Taste, aroma, texture all were perfect. It’s not often where I say “I’d eat this casually at home”, and there was nothing left in the bowl from the taste test (Kirk actually grabbed it and took it). It’s beef, veggies, cheese and seasoning. No weird thickeners, or heavy sauce.

If you eat gluten/carbs, this would be great tossed with cooked pasta, or served over hot rice.

Beef Tacos.

Not too spicy, more a warm your tummy kind of meal. Plenty of meat and vegetables to fuel you on. Add some tortillas if you eat carbs, and have trail burritos.


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