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Support An Author – Buy From Them For The Holidays

The holidays are coming up….

The shelves, if you live in the wrong parts of the US, are pretty bare (where we live, in the greater area around Seattle stripped shelves are an everyday occurrence). Add in the postal service running at a slug pace, and UPS/FedEx overwhelmed, if you are buying gifts I strongly suggest you get it done as early as you can.

And then ask yourself…are you buying China made items? 2 miles from our homestead is where for most of this year 3 to 5 giant cargo ships have sat, anchored off our island. The ships change, as they finally get a spot to unload in Seattle, or up in BC…but month after month we see new ships weekly.

Maybe this year support authors. And not just me. Look for books published in the US (big shiny full color books are often printed in China btw, so when shopping in person, open up the book and look on the front page, it’ll tell you where it came from) (online, they often state where the book was printed) and make that author’s day/year with big sales.

In the turmoil of the past 20 months I have found I read so much more. Like I did when I was younger. It soothes me, transports me to better times, and lets me dream of coming summers. There’s not much better than curling up on my bed or couch on a cold day and slipping away for awhile.

And if you have outdoor friends, maybe consider giving them an intro into eating easier in the outdoors? There’s my shameless hit up. We sell direct for 6 of our 7 books, and all 7 are sold on Amazon as well, find links in our Store. And if you buy them from us direct, I am always happy to do a custom book signing. Just drop me a line!

And lest I forget, if you have prepper friends, all our books are great gifts to get them going on food security. Especially the FBC books.

The Store

I’ve used our book sales to fund our homesteading farm and building that business, where we grow plants and food for people in our community. My goal this winter is to be able to buy another greenhouse to expand my business, to work harder on dealing with food security on our island. When you buy from us, it’s going to a real, tangible thing. We appreciate our readers, you’ve allowed me to be a stay at home mother and farmer since we had the boys. We truly appreciate it. Some weeks I don’t write as much, we pulled our youngest back out of school, and I am homeschooling him for a second year. He keeps me busy, but we learn a lot, and we hike most days together. He’s my taste tester for freeze-dried reviews on the blog, and helps me on the farm every day. So buy a book, and he gets a new greenhouse 😉 (There’s my guilt inducing pitch!)


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