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Meal Review: Next Mile Meals Breakfasts

Two breakfast options from Next Mile Meals. These options are Keto diet friendly, which isn’t an easy to find area of hiker food. However, if you are not following Keto their meals are great served with a carb of choice. Being breakfast, you can pair either of these meals over warmed up tortillas, and bring along some salsa packets. By doing that you could stretch each meal to serve 2 people.

Both meals serve 1 person, low in carbs and very low in sugar. They are not low in sodium so keep that in mind.

Sausage Scramble.

Of the two meals I enjoyed this one. The sausage is tender, the eggs are correct. The cheddar cheese is a little odd looking, but tasty. It would work well in a burrito with salsa. This one I highly recommend. While higher in sodium, this meal doesn’t taste salty.

Steak Omelette with Green Bell Peppers.

Where as I did not enjoy this meal. The textures were odd. The beef was chewy, the peppers were too soft. And the prominent flavor was salt. A hard pass on it. Neither I or Ford would recommend it.


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