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1Eatz Egg Kit Review

A Facebook ad led me to 1Eatz, for a sampler pack of all their flavors. For $13.50 I got 5 flavors to try out. The concept is neat. Each tiny packet is .3 of an ounce, and is a mix of dried vegetables, butter and salt. You can use these packets in a lot of recipes – not just with eggs. Add it to pasta, ramen, even mix it in with instant rice in your backpacking meals. The veggies

On trail you have options for eggs: freeze-dried crystals, powdered dried eggs and my choice, the farm fresh egg.

From our hens daily….

You can carry fresh eggs with you on shorter trips. You just need to buy unwashed eggs directly from a chicken tender. We have many chickens on our farm, so for me it’s a short walk outside to steal from the hens. Unwashed eggs can last for 5 to 6 weeks without refrigeration. Choose the cleanest eggs, and wrap them in paper towels to carry, tucked into a mug or pot to protect.

I decided to make a scramble with the Mushroom, Red Bell Pepper, and Green Onion pack. Just rehydrate the mix with 2 Tablespoons warm water and let sit for a few minutes. Crack in 2 to 3 eggs, and mix up (a sandwich zip top bag works well), or rehydrate dried eggs with the scramble mix.

Take a packet of avocado or olive oil, heat it up on a light flame and cook as you like. If you have cheese with you, mix some in. We served them on heated up tortillas to make breakfast tacos. (Heat them up first and stash to keep warm while you cook the eggs.)

If you would like to try it for yourself, 1Eatz has offered a code for your first purchase. Use “TRAILCOOKING15” for 15% off any order (limit 1 use of the code per customer).


FTC Disclaimer: We bought all product used for review. 

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  1. i dont see the ‘NonGMO’ words. so it must be GMO. a big No no for me. sorry, cuz it looks really good

    1. GMO is found in monocrops, such as corn. It is nothing more than a buzz word for selling food. This product is dried vegetables, butter powder and salt. Which you add to eggs. So no, it isn’t GMO.

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