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Backpacking Meal Review: Pizza Margherita Wrap

Only needing a small amount of warm water and a short sit time, the Pizza Margherita kit from Packitgourmet is an easy lunch or dinner, served in tortillas or on crusty french bread. We took it a step up, and served it over warm rice, to make a filling meal.

Prepare 1 cup instant rice in a quart freezer bag FBC method and let sit for 15 minutes in a cozy. Meanwhile follow the directions on the kit. Once ready top the rice with the mix (or honestly? Just add the rice to the pizza bag and stir well, till combined, and enjoy). I wanted to keep it low on the gluten so Alistaire could enjoy this meal!

Either way you serve the filling, it is a delicious cheesy mix, full of flavor. We have had it as a filling as well, where we panfried the tortillas in a drizzle of oil, in our pot, after rolling them up – they were crispy and gooey.


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