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Commercial Meal Reviews: Packitgourmet Two Meals

Two meals from Packitgourmet, both are savory comfort foods to fill the belly. Both require just hot water and a sit time before eating.

West Memphis Grits Souffle:

This creamy bowl of cheesy grits is so good. In fact, our 9 year old loved it so much he took the bag and wanted it to himself. It’s got a great taste, and yes, it is full of cheese. Serve it with tortilla chips to dip into it, for some crunch.

Dottie’s Chicken and Dumplings:

I reviewed this meal long ago – it is one of the original meals they offer. I can see why it is loved. It’s soup, that is hearty and filling. For me though, it’s just too salty. If you like salt, then this would work well. But…I’ll say this: if you have had a long, hot day of hiking and are dehydrated, this could be a good dinner choice. The salt will perk you up, and you will drink a lot of water with it. So for that, I would bring it along.

The meal is studded with large chunks of chicken and plenty of vegetables. Now then, the dumplings are the ribbon style (if you grew up in the PNW, dumplings are often drop biscuits instead) but it works well.


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