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Meal Review: Packit Gourmet Fall Meals

The Fall temps are dipping lower, and winter is whispering here. Recent hikes left me very cold in the first mile, where you start looking for a trail that goes uphill at first, so you can warm up! This brought out some new meals to review, with a Fall theme going. Hearty, comfort food is called for.

For the main meal? We tried two entrees.

Shepherd’s Cottage Pie.

It’s what really fills you up on chilly lunches or dinners, when you want your meal to stick around and fuel you. It is a 2 bag meal which only require boiling water and a sit time. Great taste, but a bit salty, so keep that in mind.

Pasta Beef Bolognese.

This is a 2 part meal, and does require a small pot to cook the pasta in. The sauce is prepped with cool water in the bag. While it takes a bit more effort, the result is a hearty meal that is high in calories. It has everything you need, from the olive oil to the Parmesan cheese.

For dessert:

Pumpkin Cheesecake.

Dessert is something people overlook, in the cold eating a couple hundred calories a bit before bed will keep your body a lot warmer at night. It’s not often you can justify eating sugar after all, so live it up.

This cheesecake is thick and delicious. As a tip, if you carry a bowl with you, prepare it in the bowl. The bag will end up leaving some in the corners, and you want it all, no? Or use a freezer bag that has no pleated corners.


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