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When The Meal Lasts Longer Than The Listing

The other week I was going through items that we had moved in 2018 when we moved to our current place. One was a reward of extra freeze dried meals I had long forgotten about. I grabbed a couple to take on a hike and off we went. Well, once we got back home and I was doing research I realized that one of the meals was gone off the companies website. Was it a change to the lineup? Or the downside of food prepping where it wasn’t available anymore? Who knows.

The meal was the Peasant Omelete by Alpine Aire. Still had a few years on it!

I rehydrated the egg mix, heated up a tablespoon of oil, tossed in some shelf stable crumbled bacon and cooked the eggs up as a scramble (yeah, no thanks on making a pretty omelet….who has the patience for that!)

Served with a side of a rustic potato sourdough bread….it was a fine feast for two. If one sees it in a bargain bin ever, I’d say buy it!


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