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Local Adventures: Libbey Beach Park

The last time I had visited Libbey Beach Park was I think right before we graduated high school. So….it’s been a bit. I never went back because I wasn’t a fan of the road down to the beach back then. It was narrow and steep. But yesterday while driving home I was in the mood to stand on West Beach, on Whidbey Island and smell the breeze. It’s a mile down Libbey Road, just off Hwy 20. As the road narrows, it heads down steeply on a lollipop loop. At the bottom is parking, a picnic area, a bathroom, and a lawn area fenced off for running around on. There are a couple interpretive signs talking about the Smith and Minor Islands Aquatic Reserve, which sits off the beach. (Check out the link! It has a lot of information). The views from the bluff are quite pretty and there are places to sit and enjoy the scenery.

Looking south down the beach, and the Olympic Mountains across the water.

The seawall built since the last time I was here make access to the beach a lot easier – though you have to be able to walk to get down the narrow stairs, that have many pebbles on them as an FYI. It does have handrails. It’s only a short walk down to the beach. It’s not wilderness here by any means but because the houses are all up high above the water, on unstable bluffs, the beach is considerably more open here to exploring. Just don’t look up, and it will feel nice and lonely the farther you walk away.

Looking North.

The beach is a mix of sandy areas, and rocky sections, with tide pool areas to look through.

Above the low tide on the back of the rocks, one can find shells waiting for high tide.

The park is worth the quick drive off the highway. Children will really enjoy it.

Island County owned, free to use.


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