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Local Adventures: Hammons Family Farm Preserve

Looking at areas where we hadn't visited, I found Hammons Family Farm Preserve on the south end of Whidbey Island. It's a hard one to find, in that you will blast right by the driveway. The signage is small and doesn't face the road. It is set back from the road, so just as you… Continue reading Local Adventures: Hammons Family Farm Preserve

Hiking · Local Adventures

Local Adventures: Ebey’s Loop

With Island County in Phase 3 now (of 4 phases in Washington State), the loop at Ebey's Landing on Whidbey Island was finally fully open, after having been closed for some time. However....it is still a bit tricky. First you have to walk by the guilt inducing signs passively aggressively telling you should go hike… Continue reading Local Adventures: Ebey’s Loop

Hiking · Local Adventures

A Loop Thru The Woods

I was feeling the need for trail time on Friday, so the boys and I worked hard on getting school done quickly for the week. Not that I am counting....but only 10 more days left of this before summer vacation starts. We decided to work on the wooded trails off of Greenbank Farm, in Greenbank,… Continue reading A Loop Thru The Woods

Local Adventures

Beach Time

The need for beach time was strong last week so we finished school quickly and headed out. Living on an island has a few perks, but it is easy to live half a mile from beach access and not get there for months when the weather is cold. Spring slipping towards summer brings shells popping… Continue reading Beach Time

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Getting Some Green

My oldest son went back to work yesterday after a nearly 2 month furlough. I gave him a ride to be nice, called home schooling early with the younger boys, and after dropping him off, drove to South Whidbey Community Park ("Castle Park") to enjoy a hike. Stay At Home order ended on May 31st… Continue reading Getting Some Green