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Local Adventures: Minus Tide Wanderings

Last week we had minus tides of 3 feet. Which is when you just cannot miss checking out tide pools. Overall Whidbey Island isn't known for having great tide pools, but there are a few pocket areas to check out. One spot is between Camp Casey and Fort Casey State Park, on the west side… Continue reading Local Adventures: Minus Tide Wanderings

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Local Adventures: Camano State Park

Summer kicks in and our 80 Days of Summer had to take back seat for 2 weeks. Swim lessons and magic camp jumped into the fray. Then the 4th of July. And then free once again to go explore. We had errands to run on the main land and took an early ferry over. On… Continue reading Local Adventures: Camano State Park

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Local Adventures: Marine Center and Museum at Fort Worden

Not every outing quantifies as a hike, but this one involved a lot of walking, and even hiking, to happen. Where we live we cannot walk like we used to, back on the mainland. Things are just too far apart and the roads are not safe for walking on the side of with children (our… Continue reading Local Adventures: Marine Center and Museum at Fort Worden

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Local Adventures: Wilbert Loop Trail

It's interesting to rehike trails you once hiked, long ago. The previous time I hiked The Wilbert Trail in South Whidbey State Park my oldest son was maybe 3.5 years old. He's 21 now, and had zero memories of hiking this trail. So maybe it is like hiking a new trail? I'd like to think… Continue reading Local Adventures: Wilbert Loop Trail

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Local Adventures: Dave Mackie Park

With a 2 foot plus minus tide on Monday morning, we changed plans. Originally we were going to take a ferry ride, but with two cancellations with the low tides, we sought out beaches to explore. Dave Mackie park sits on Maxwelton Road, in the south end of Whidbey Island. At 5 acres, it is… Continue reading Local Adventures: Dave Mackie Park