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Meal Review: Ukrainian Borscht

Nomad Nutrition caught my eye with their Ukrainian Borscht. Let’s put it this way….have you ever seen borscht sold as a backcountry meal? I’m going to hedge most of my readers didn’t grow up eating borscht in their homes, much less on the trail. I did, my Mom loved making big pots of it that we ate for days. Russian Jewish heritage gets you that…..

This version is plant based, but more important to us, is produced in a nut and gluten free facility (milk and soy free as well!). This has given us a few options more Alistaire can tolerate with his food allergies.

The meal comes in a 4 ounce bag or a “snack size” 2 ounce bag. (Amazon sells the 2 ounce bags in a twin pack for a good price)

Easy to prep: Just add boiling water, stir well, seal tightly and ignore for 10 to 15 minutes. I liked the flavor and texture of the soup (it’s thick!). However…I love beets. Beets have a very earthy flavor, so you might like or hate borscht. The 2 ounce bag is perfect as a hydrating starter once in camp, or to warm the body up in winter. It also would make a great sauce to have over instant rice or quinoa to make a hearty meal.


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