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Meal Review: Food For The Sole Cinnamon Cherry Crisp

I recently picked up the Taster Pack from Food For The Sole, which showcases 7 meals in sampler sizes. It’s a great way to try out all of their the meals and see what you think – without a huge price commitment. I picked it up on Amazon, but a week later the sampler box isn’t up anymore, but you can order it directly from the company. I highly recommend the box to get an idea of what their meals taste like. The sample bags are little mini bags of the big ones, in the 200+ calorie range.

Desserts can be tricky with backpacking meals. They are usually of two types: Creamy and sugary, or teeth rotting “fruit” desserts. So yes I went into trying the Cinnamon Cherry Crisp wondering if I would like it. It was quite pleasant, though maybe not what maybe most would call “dessert”. It’s somewhere in the land between dessert and breakfast.

The cherries are soaked in hot water for 15 to 20 minutes, where they plump up. To serve, top with the granola topping, which is a blend of oats, almond flour, pumpkin seeds and puffed rice. The ginger and cinnamon give it a warming taste. While eating the bowl it made me think this would be a great breakfast on a cold morning. It isn’t overly sweet, just “perfect” to me sweetness. The cherries are softly chewy, and that is the focus on the dish. Not weird thickened sugar sauce, just the cherries.

Definitely a dessert I would buy in full size. Amazon does carry the full size of it.

And ….. if it were served over a bit of warm rice, with some sweetened coconut on it, it might just be an awesome addition.


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