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Gear Review: Amazon Essentials Boy’s Full-Zip Polar Fleece Jacket

Whenever someone whines about the evil overlord that Amazon is…..I tend to roll my eyes, because living on an island means I have few choices for clothing shopping. Much less gear shopping (let me laugh a wee bit on that….there is nowhere to shop locally for that). When it comes to the boys, I want clothing that will stand up to the vigors of small boys who climb trees, roll in the dirt and wear their hiking gear to chop down trees. We don’t want or need clothing that will fail. Because come Monday mornings, it also is on them at school.

This past summer I was looking to replace their fleece pullovers, as they had both grown out of theirs. Looking at the (meager) local offerings (and by local I mean a 60+ mile roundtrip to the only “store” on the island, a small Wal-Mart), I asked myself why I had even wasted the electricity to drive that far – somewhere a salmon died so I could drive that distance to buy nothing. After going through the sad, sad display of fall clothing options I did what I should have done a few hours before….open up my Amazon app and search. In the middle of Wal-Mart.

And I saw full zip jackets for $15. I figured it was a good gamble, if I hated it….I’d send them back. I actually ordered them through Prime Wardrobe (where you pick a couple items and they ship, then you try and send back what you don’t like, then you are charged). The prices seem to range from $12.90 to $15.50, depending on the color. Our two choices were $15 each.

When the jackets showed up I was shocked. Not only were they well made, the fleece wasn’t paper thin as normally “more affordable” ones are (Yeah, Wal-Mart, that would be yours). The zippers are quality and work. 5 months in the jackets have been washed multiple times, blasted in the dryer and they look new. No stains, no holes, no pilling, no broken zippers. No shrinking, no weird plastic feel to the fabric.

Also good for styling in when petting random fat cats when hiking……

Amazon Essentials clothing has been a huge find for our household. No driving. No angrily muttering when we drive 90 miles one way to find out they have nothing in the size we need. We buy. They wear. I’d give the fleece jackets a 5 star review (and yes, I bought myself a ladies one as well).


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