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Chicken Green Bean Mac & Cheese

Simple meals go far in cold weather. It doesn’t mean they need to be boring though. A few extra ingredients go far to liven up a box of mac and cheese.

Chicken Green Bean Mac & Cheese

At home, pack the dry pasta and green beans in sandwich bag. Mark the cooking time on the bag from the pasta box (use the shortest time on the box).

Pack the cheese sauce powder; dry milk, Parmesan and spices into a snack bag. Also pack the oil and chicken containers.

In camp:

Bring 4 cups water to boil in a 2 liter non-stick pot. Add in the pasta and beans and cook for time on package.

Drain off remaining water, holding back ¼ cup water for the sauce. Add in the oil, chicken with broth and the dry ingredients. Mix to blend well. Turn the stove back on to a low flame, cook the pasta dish till the sauce is bubbling and thickened.

Serves 2.
Any brand of boxed mac & cheese works (and yes, you can use regular if you like. I avoid non-organic ones as they often have artificial dyes added to make it orange.)
*Shelf stable Parmesan such as Kraft brand or similar.

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