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Local Adventures: Moyers Trail

Moyers Trail is the main trail at Joseph Whidbey State Park, on the north end of Whidbey Island. The park is 112 acres in size, a nice greenbelt to enjoy. The park has a PDF map of the main trail system to print, however for best detail, take a screenshot of Google Maps before you go. It shows all the trails. Having said that, very little is marked, only at the 2 trailheads are there signs. But you won’t get lost.

The park is closed from October 1st to April 1st, to traffic driving in. However, there are 2 parking lots outside the gates. The main one is on the corner of West Beach Road, as it turns to Crosby. This is marked beach access parking on Google Maps. The other parking area in off season is farther up Crosby and is marked. Both require a Discover Pass to park.

From the beach access parking area, take the obvious trail above the beach. As you pass the picnic area on the lawn, look for the wide path heading uphill just past the covered picnic area. This takes you up to the parking lot and pit toilet, as well as the trailhead for Moyers Trail.

Moyers Loop Trailhead

The trail takes off into the coastal forest.

The trail is wide and easy to follow, stay on the widest path and ignore the many side trails into the woods.

The trail gently climbs to the top.

As the trail starts to descend a bit, it goes by a massive pit in the woods, that is lined with concrete. An oddly placed fire pit indeed. It sported decorations such as coffee cups and bags of dog poop…..

The trail pops out of the forest just past this. Below is a huge field/meadow.

We took the center trail. It doesn’t matter which trail you take, but the center and right ones take you the way we went.

There are peekaboo views of the open water.

The trail winds through the meadow.

A very large painted rock I spotted under a bench in the meadow.

The trail winds and eventually comes up towards Crosby Road and the second parking lot.

Second trailhead. The main trail heads straight on, there is another trail section over the bridge, to create different loops or a shorter hike.

Another painted rock.

And another one.

We hiked a wide loop, and came back into the meadow, taking a different trail back up to the main trail and into the woods at the fire pit. While hiking back, we went down one of the side trails. One has stairs. Take that one. Not the ravine slider we took. Haha.

The trails pop you down in the forest, down near where the trail started. Kirk and I found this inviting pond that simply screamed “stick around!”. We walked back and found our way back onto the lawn area. More trails are in this area, but that is another day.

Grindelia Integrifolia, a native flower to the island.

A peaceful and quick outing, leashed dog friendly, family friendly. Easy hiking. Be aware you are next door to part of NAS Whidbey and you may have Growlers flying on some days. This can a bonus if you like watching them. The park boasts excellent beach access on the west side when the tide is low (3100 feet of shoreline!).


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