Fisherman Paths: Deadwood Lakes

Deadwood Lakes was a hike I had heard of from the late Karen Sykes, long ago. She had pushed me to try the hike through our chats, and she gave me the pro tip of finding the "trail" from across the highway, half a mile up the Pacific Crest Trail. It was easy to pick… Continue reading Fisherman Paths: Deadwood Lakes


Olympic Hikes: Pumpkin Seed Lake

When we rebuilt Trailcooking from ground up this past year, I lost every trip report I had written from 2004 to current when we couldn't transfer the older version of the blog. There are some hikes I truly loved that I never wrote about, including Pumpkin Seed Lake in the Olympic National Park, in Washington… Continue reading Olympic Hikes: Pumpkin Seed Lake

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RV Adventures: La Conner Relaxing

Last weekend we took the RV out to the next island over, Fidalgo, and stayed at the 1000 Trails outside of La Conner, Washington. Seeing as we got a year free with 1000 Trails, might as well use it we decided. Staying in parks like this isn't necessarily my first choice, however while the park… Continue reading RV Adventures: La Conner Relaxing

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Local Adventures: Kukutali Preserve

After we moved back up to Whidbey Island I was doing research on places to hike that I hadn't done before. I found Kukutali Preserve by accident, through a page on the Friends of Deception Pass State Park website, and I was intrigued. I in fact had never hiked any trails in the La Conner… Continue reading Local Adventures: Kukutali Preserve

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Local Adventures: Dungeness Spit

Dungeness Spit sits just outside of Sequim, on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State. It's a close drive for us, from the ferry from Whidbey Island. Run by the US Fish & Wildlife Service, it is a wildlife preserve, that sits next to a county park that offers more trails and a great campground (I… Continue reading Local Adventures: Dungeness Spit