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Local Adventures: Minus Tide Wanderings

Last week we had minus tides of 3 feet. Which is when you just cannot miss checking out tide pools. Overall Whidbey Island isn't known for having great tide pools, but there are a few pocket areas to check out. One spot is between Camp Casey and Fort Casey State Park, on the west side… Continue reading Local Adventures: Minus Tide Wanderings

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Local Adventures: Camano State Park

Summer kicks in and our 80 Days of Summer had to take back seat for 2 weeks. Swim lessons and magic camp jumped into the fray. Then the 4th of July. And then free once again to go explore. We had errands to run on the main land and took an early ferry over. On… Continue reading Local Adventures: Camano State Park


Green In The Outdoors

The past few years has brought environment, green living, zero waste, and minimalist living to a forefront in hiking and the outdoors (and beyond into daily life). The pitch is your life choices will save (or help) the environment. From articles to products, there is a lot out there. But are these recommendations actually good?… Continue reading Green In The Outdoors

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Local Adventures: Wilbert Loop Trail

It's interesting to rehike trails you once hiked, long ago. The previous time I hiked The Wilbert Trail in South Whidbey State Park my oldest son was maybe 3.5 years old. He's 21 now, and had zero memories of hiking this trail. So maybe it is like hiking a new trail? I'd like to think… Continue reading Local Adventures: Wilbert Loop Trail

Hiking · Local Adventures

Local Adventures: Ebey’s Prairie Ridge Trail

For Father's Day we headed out on a short hike at Ebey's Landing outside of Coupeville, on Whidbey Island. Ebey’s Prairie Ridge Trail is the connector trail from the Prairie Overlook/Cemetery to the bluff high above Ebey's Landing. It is a great kickoff to longer hikes (including the loop on the bluff around Perego's Lagoon… Continue reading Local Adventures: Ebey’s Prairie Ridge Trail